Why Choose POP TENNIS?

POP TENNIS’s greatest strength is “Personal Care”. POP TENNIS will analyze and understand the individuality and uniqueness of each player and will provide the best service catered specifically for each player.

Regardless of whether you are in the United States, Japan, any tennis camp or tournament site, you will have full access to the personal care provided by POP TENNIS.

If you are interested in playing tennis in the United States, please feel free to contact us for a free consultation, as you will certainly experience the unmatched personal care POP TENNIS is proud to provide.


To College Coaches

The primary goal of POP TENNIS is to support Japanese tennis players so that they can pursue their dreams to play at the colleges in the United States.

POP TENNIS will create a custom program for each athlete who dreams of playing tennis at a college in the United States and possibly to play as a professional in the future. POP TENNIS will also work alongside college coaches to support their recruiting process.

Japan has no uniform national ranking system for junior players, and in addition, there are very minimal tournaments that are eligible for UTR rankings. Due to these conditions, it can be very difficult to gauge and understand athletes’ abilities and strengths. However, POP TENNIS has the connections and ability to research capability that allows providing the most accurate and valuable information to the college coaches.

POP TENNIS will strive each and every day to have talented, determined, and hardworking Japanese tennis players blossom in the United States and the world.


Hiroki Sakagawa committed to the University of Arizona

Sakura Kurokawa committed to the California State University, Los Angles

Daichi Akiyoshi committed to the University of Texas at Arlington



Email: poptennis.miki@gmail.com
Phone: (858)212-1344

Miki Shintani
Tennis Coordinator for International Athletes
PTR Certified Professional
Owner of the POP TENNIS International Inc.